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Appraisal Services

labWhen is the last time you had your wedding rings appraised?

Is your insurance paperwork current?

Did you inherit jewelry and you would like to know the value?

One piece or multiple, we offer FREE consultations for any type of jewelry, diamonds, watches and coins.

People use the word “appraisal” to mean different things. Fortunately, we can help you with all forms of appraisals here at Barnes Jewelers.

Written Appraisals are detailed documents describing your items for the purpose of adequately insuring them or establishing value as part of an estate. At Barnes, our written appraisals are prepared by our staff of GIA Graduate Gemolgist and IJO Master Graduate Gemologist in our state of the art IJO Master Gem Labratory. They include a photograph of the item, along with a detailed description, quality analysis and weights on all stones, materials used, and an expected replacement or estate value calculated to industry standards. There is a fee for this service.

Verbal Appraisals have more to do with learning about your jewelry than establishing a value. If you just want to learn more about your jewelry, but don’t need exact values or stone details, we are happy to share our knowledge. We can look at your item and offer our opinions as to materials, time of manufacture, and ballpark retail value. There is no charge for one or two items, but an hourly fee may apply for larger groups of items.

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